Off-Season Fitness Training For Hikers


Hiking is excellent exercise. But in the dead of winter, sometimes trails are not too passable. And there can also be a time in the spring when the trails are too wet to hike without ruining them. At times like this, it can be helpful to take a break from hiking and instead incorporate some fitness training that will benefit you as a hiker when you return to the trails. So, what kind of fitness training is good for hikers?

Cardio Workouts

Hiking may not be as aerobically challenging as trail running, but it can get close! If you do some cardio workouts and really focus on your cardiovascular fitness, you will find that you don't get out of breath as easy on the trails. Running is good cardiovascular training for hiking, but if you want to give your legs a break from the pounding, you could do some cycling. Spin classes can be a good addition to your cardiovascular training since they get you moving and using many different muscles.

Core Workouts

You may want to consider scheduling a few core workout sessions with a personal trainer, or perhaps attending a few fitness classes that concentrate on the core. Building stronger abs and a stronger back will help you stay balanced when you scamper across rocks or go up and down inclines. You'll have an easier time carrying your pack, too! 

Leg Workouts

Hiking really works your legs, but you don't want them to get weak while you're taking time away! Schedule one or two "leg days" a week with a personal trainer. Or, look for some fitness videos that really focus on the legs. You can get a really good leg workout just with bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and mountain climbers. These moves are natural, and they resemble those that you make while hiking. Try to focus on workouts that really build leg strength, rather than those that build endurance. The more endurance-based leg exercises, like cycling, really belong more in the cardiovascular segment of your workout routine, especially since your legs should already be pretty fit from hiking.

If you need to take some time away from hiking, don't just sit around! Take advantage of this time by doing some other fitness activities to build your fitness. This way, when you return to hiking, you will do so as a more fit and prepared individual.


13 May 2021

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