Are You A Survivor Of Domestic Violence? 3 Benefits Of Participating In Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions


The effects of domestic violence can last long after you've made it to a safer place in your life. Many people continue to deal with symptoms of PTSD, such as flashbacks and anxiety, for years. You may also just feel like you aren't yourself anymore. Although your worldview and sense of self will change after a trauma, you can also take steps to begin the process of healing. Trauma-sensitive yoga offers you a way to gently address your symptoms while engaging with compassionate instructors who understand your need to heal.

Feel Safe From the Beginning

One of the first things that you will notice about this style of yoga is how relaxed the sessions are designed to be. Your instructor will do things to make you comfortable. If you visit their studio, they can do things such as dim the lights to help you relax. If that makes you nervous, then they can light the room up. They can also draw the curtains on large windows and let you know who is in the building so that you feel completely safe. If you take classes online, then they can help you set up a comfortable home environment. For example, you may prefer to do your sessions in a closed room where you won't be startled by someone's sudden entrance.

Reconnect Your Mind and Body

After a trauma that involves physical harm, you may have feelings of inadequacy or a lack of trust that your body will do what it needs to protect you. Essentially, the trauma that you endured may have caused a disconnect between your mind and body. This can sometimes manifest in self-harm behaviors. During yoga for trauma survivors, you learn how to lean into your body again and trust that it has the capability of developing strength. You'll also find that your body responds to being able to trust in your mind to help guide it through the appropriate poses for helping you to feel comfortable through the session.

Regain a Sense of Control

You might have seen exercise classes where instructors bark out orders. This is not what happens in a trauma-sensitive yoga session. Instead, instructors serve more as a friend or guide. They'll do the movements with you, and they'll also phrase the movements in a suggestion form. If you don't like a pose, then you can remain in your current one or do something different. They'll also offer suggestions for modifications so that you get to choose where to place your foot or turn your head. Bringing back the freedom of choice helps you to feel more in control. As you participate in more sessions, this sense of control can also help you feel stronger as you navigate your life.


21 April 2020

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