Ideas For Starting A Corporate Wellness Program For Your Employees


Starting a corporate wellness program is challenging since it can be difficult to motivate employees and it's often hard to get people to change. However, improving the health of your employees makes their lives better, and it can reduce your costs and improve the productivity of your employees, so both the employees and the employer benefit. Here are some ideas for setting up a wellness program for your company.

Let Your Employees Make Some Decisions

Let your employees have input on the programs you offer so they feel like they are part of a movement rather than being told what to do by management. Plus, when you discover what your employees are most interested in, they're more likely to try the classes and stick with a program. You might love yoga and think it's an excellent addition to a wellness program, but if none of your employees are interested, they aren't likely to participate.

Get Management Involved

Management participation is important for the success of a wellness program, especially when it's first starting out. When senior management is enthusiastic about participating, then the rest of your employees may be more interested. Plus, it shows management isn't trying to force something on employees that they wouldn't do themselves.

Bring In Outside Help

You may need ideas from a company that sets up corporate wellness programs to get your classes and ideas off the ground. Be sure you choose help from a company with the same goals as you and who will let you personalize the classes and programs to fit closely with the ages and interests of your employees. By bringing in an experienced professional, you'll see how your company can incorporate wellness into the corporate culture by doing things like offering healthy food in the cafeteria and vending machines, providing exercise classes and a workout area in the building, having weight loss and diet change challenges, providing a quiet meditation room, and offering occasional health fairs and lectures about healthy living.

You could give your employees passes to a local gym or provide them with literature to read, but you'll have greater success and participation if you personalize your approach and offer programs in your own building so they are easy to take advantage of and enjoy. You can start small by taking a survey to find out what your employees want most, whether it's vegan food in the cafeteria or a workout room to use before or after work. That gives you a starting point you can build on, taking into consideration advice from health professionals on the best corporate programs to offer for individual health benefits.


14 January 2020

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