5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workouts


If you enjoy working out but want to switch up your exercise routine a bit and add in other forms of exercise, you may want to look into strength training. This can be an excellent way to improve your body and add to your already-existing workout plan. You can easily incorporate strength training with the other workouts that you do. Here are the top reasons you may want to add strength training to your workouts:

It Makes You Stronger

When you work on strength training, it will, of course, strengthen your body! This can help you get better fitness results and feel and look more fit in everyday life, too. Plus, who doesn't want to be strong?

Keep Weight Off

While cardio exercise is great for losing weight, you'll likely want to keep the weight off if this is a big goal and part of your exercise journey. By doing strength training, you can increase your resting metabolism, which will help you burn more calories regularly, and keep the weight off for good.

Give You Some Variety

Doing the same type of exercises over and over can get old fast and it may feel like you're not getting results. When you add strength training to your workout mix, you can get more variety in your routine so that exercise is more fun and doesn't feel like a boring chore. Anything that makes exercise more fun means it will make it more enjoyable for you to do. 

Improve Your Mood

Strength training can also help you improve your overall mood. When you regularly strength train, you will increase your levels of endorphins. This means more happy feelings and a better overall mood. That can translate to many areas of your life. 

Get Better Results

You can only do so much by doing the same cardio workouts each day. You need to have multiple forms of exercise in place so that you can reach your fitness goals. If you plan to tone up and have bigger muscles, you need to put the work in and strength train. This will allow you to get better results. 

As you can see, it makes sense to add strength training to your workout routine. If it feels like exercise is getting boring or stale, you may just need to switch things up a bit. If you're new to strength training, consider hiring a personal training to help guide you! 


25 July 2019

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