Three Key Elements Of A Boot Camp Fitness Class


You might frequently hear fitness-minded individuals in your social circle talk about attending boot camp and perhaps think for a moment that they're enlisting in the army. While the armed forces do certainly have their own version of boot camp, this term also describes a type of fitness class that is popular among many people. Boot camp classes often take place early in the morning, allowing you to get a comprehensive workout in before you start your workday. Although boot camp classes can vary significantly, you'll usually find that these three elements are present.

Body-Weight Exercises

You'll frequently find that boot camp classes include a heavy emphasis on body-weight exercises. This is for several reasons. These classes often take place outdoors and may change from location to location throughout the community to always offer a fresh, new feel to their members. Logistically, it makes sense to focus on body-weight exercises in these changing environments, rather than transporting exercise equipment to each one. Your boot camp class will also teach you how you can transform your body without the use of equipment, which can empower you to continue to work out at home.

Interval Training

Boot camps frequently rely on interval training to keep things interesting and challenging for their participants. Interval training can take several different forms, but you'll commonly find that it includes a mix of up-tempo aerobic exercises and strength training. This approach to fitness can be difficult for beginners but can also lead to noticeable results in a relatively short amount of time. For example, a boot camp group that meets in a local park might run up a hill and then immediately do sets of push-ups and sit-ups without taking a break.

Partner Exercises

Fitness instructors who lead boot camp classes want to create camaraderie among the participants, which they'll often achieve through partner exercises. These exercises can vary significantly, but one example is assisted push-ups. In this exercise, one partner performs push-ups while the other holds the person's feet in an elevated position to increase the challenge. You'll perform a specific number of reps and then switch roles. In addition to being new and exciting, partner exercises also allow you to encourage one another — a theme that is very common in boot camp classes. Once you take a boot camp class, you might quickly realize that this is the best type of group exercise class for you.

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14 March 2019

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