Wearing Pole Dancing Shoes Vs. Going Barefoot


When you begin your pole fitness exercises for the first time, one of the common questions asked is: "Should I wear pole dancing shoes or go barefoot?" The best option is based on why you are taking pole dancing classes and your level of comfort with these types of shoes.

Ask The Instructor

The first thing you should always do is ask the instructor. It can sometimes be embarrassing to be the only one to come to class in bare feet when everyone else is wearing pole dancing shoes. Your instructor may also be able to provide you with advice on what types of shoes you should choose.

Consider Your Reasons For Taking The Class

The type of shoes you should wear depend on your goal for taking pole fitness classes. Wearing pole fitness shoes is always the best because they allow you to have a more authentic experience, and pole fitness shoes are especially essential if you are taking classes in order to learn exotic dancing. However, if your primary goal of taking pole dancing classes is to exercise and have fun, it is perfectly acceptable to go in bare feet. 

Do You Normally Wear High Heels?

If you often wear high heels, you may actually feel more comfortable wearing pole dancing shoes than going barefoot. However, if you are more often wearing tennis shoes, it will take time to get used to pole dancing shoes. Still, pole dancing shoes come in a range of heights and if you feel uncomfortable trying pole dancing shoes, consider getting shoes that have shorter inches.

When you are going to wear pole dancing shoes, make sure that you purchase shoes that are designed specifically for pole dancing and that are of high quality. Otherwise, your shoes are more likely to break.

Ask Your Doctor

Always make sure to consult with your doctor before taking pole dancing classes. Not only will he or she be able to advise you on whether these classes are safe to take in your current state of health, but if you suffer from plantar fasciitis or bunions, this can affect whether you should wear pole shoes.

The final consideration is the price. You will need to invest in several items. Pole dancing shoes are recommended, but you may want to save them for your last investment, after purchasing the pole and mat. However, if there is no reason not to purchase pole dancing shoes, you should order some to get the authentic experience.


18 July 2016

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