How To Motivate Your Personal Training Clients


Being a personal trainer is an important job. It isn't just getting your clients into shape; you are essentially teaching your clients how to keep the weight off and proper nutrition, in addition to improving your client's mental health and self-esteem. Keeping your clients motivated and continuing on their path to success is also an important job for a personal trainer. See below for helpful tips on how to keep your clients motivated.

Manage Fitness With Software

It can be very motivational seeing the results of working out and eating healthy, but sometimes you just don't see results right away. Using a fitness tracker on your smart phone or other technological device is helpful, as it can help show the improvement that has been made, even if your client doesn't see it on their body just yet. There are a great number of apps and software on the market today. Look for one that can be shared with your client (as in sent to their phone).

Set Goals With Your Client

Have your client come up with goals that they want to reach; both short and long term goals. Another way to help set goals is to set small goals that can be reached each week, such as a goal of two pounds every week or every other week. This helps motivate your client to work harder the next week to lose another two pounds, and so on. Long term goals can be something like keeping weight off and learning to continue to eat healthy, or working their way up to doing a 5k or a half-marathon.

Open Communication

Open up communication with your client. You should be there for your client in both good times and bad, and be the positive force helping them to keep moving forward. Don't just talk about weight loss and nutrition, talk about personal things with your client as well. Some personal reasons can be why your client has a hard time losing weight, such as stress at a job or at home. Talk to your client about other ways to deal with stress, rather than using food.

Always Be Positive

If your client has a few bad weeks and has begun gaining weight back, being negative about the backslide is not going to help. You need to be positive about the situation and help get your client back on track. 

Have Fun

Make working out with your client fun, vary the exercise routines with your client and try to get your client outside of the gym if possible for a workout from time to time. This helps change up the scenery and helps prevent a workout from getting stale. 

Keeping your client motivated will help them reach both their short and long term goals. Keep things positive and fun, and be there for your client. Consult with private training gyms for more information.


13 July 2016

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