3 Easy Changes You Can Make To Get More Exercise Each Day


If you want to get healthier and maybe even lose some weight, you might be able to do so by making just a few small changes in your routine each day. Here are three changes you could make that will help you get more exercise each day, and these changes could help you become a healthier individual.

Walk Your Dog

If you have a dog, you can kill two birds with one stone by taking it for a walk. Dogs love to go on walks, and walking is a great exercise for them. Taking it for a walk will  also get you moving. Walking 30 minutes a day would be an ideal goal to aim for, because most experts believe that walking 30 minutes each day can have significant benefits for the heart and health of a person. You do not need to begin aiming for 30 minutes a day at first, though. Instead try going on five-minute walks once a day and gradually increase the time.

Push Mow Your Yard

Another good change you could make is push mowing your grass each week instead of using a riding lawn mower. Push mowing is a physical exercise that requires work. It may be hard at first, but this is a great way to build muscle tone and give your heart the exercise it needs to stay healthy.

Avoid The TV

If you love sitting home in the evenings watching TV, you may need to cut back on your TV viewing to get more exercise. If you can stop watching TV all the time, you could instead use this time to do things that will give your body the exercise it needs. For example, you could spend 20 minutes cleaning up a room in your house or organizing a closet. When doing this, you will be standing up, stretching, and lifting things. All of these steps are similar to exercise, so they will be good for you.

Another option is to spend some time doing a little yard work instead of watching TV. Any activity you can do that requires walking or standing can be considered a form of exercise.

Making changes like the ones listed here can make a difference with your heart and health. If this is not enough for you, though, you could always look into fitness classes in your area. These are typically offered at gyms and health clubs, and you can sign up for a variety of different types of fitness classes. 


11 July 2016

Keeping Your Body Healthy

When I started thinking about ways to lose weight, I knew that I needed to focus on exercise. I started hitting the gym about five times a week, and the difference that it made in my life was astounding. I found myself with more energy and more stamina, and it was really invigorating. I realized that I had changed my life, and it was really incredible. I decided to start this blog completely dedicated to health and exercise to change the way other people think about movement. With the right exercise, you can enjoy a healthier, happier body that you feel more confident about.