Fast-Twitch And Slow-Twitch Muscle Development For Boxers And Kickboxers


Boxing and kickboxing have emerged as popular hobbies for those wishing to stay active and lose a little weight. A smaller number of people who get bit by the ring sport bug later in life may wish to try their skills in one or two amateur bouts. Hobbyists and/or people slightly past their physical prime, however, may be missing a proverbial step in the ring. Working with a personal trainer to specifically develop fast-twitch or slow-twitch muscles could improve in-ring performance immensely.

Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch Muscles Explained

To perform any activity, two distinct types of skeletal muscles must be engaged. Fast-twitch skeletal muscles perform explosive movements while slow-twitch muscles are designed for endurance. A combat sport athlete, however, has to prioritize muscle-specific exercises in order to achieve the best results. There are two ways the fighter can help the trainer:

  • Log the Performance Deficiencies

The more detailed information a client gives to a personal trainer, the more detailed and targeted the workout program will be. When taking part in a boxing or kickboxing training session, a fighter should log whatever physical limitation he/she is experiencing. Be as specific as possible. Stating "being unable to clinch properly" is too broad. Note the exact problem. Lacking the ability to hold onto someone defensively in the clinch could be an endurance issue. Being unable to disengage from an opponent's clinch and push off into longer range may result from a lack of explosiveness.

  • Record a Workout

Capture the entire workout session on camera. This includes the warmup and conditioning exercises as well as fight training. Upon reviewing the material, the personal trainer could make assessments about what physical problems are present. The trainer could notice the legs sagging while hitting focus mitts, which would be a sign of endurance limitations in the quadriceps. If a fighter is really slow with passing or throwing a medicine ball, the fast-twitch muscles in the upper body may need work.

Innovative Training

A trainer knows building endurance in the upper body could be developed by bench pressing heavy weights very slowly up and down at full range of motion. Conversely, developing explosiveness may be achieved by taking all weight off the bar and lifting it up and down as fast as possible at only 1/3 to 1/2 the range of motion. Ultimately, drawing on the trainer's skill, knowledge, and ability to develop performance-specific programs will be beneficial to a ring fighter.

For more information, contact FitProActive or a similar organization.


7 July 2016

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